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SAT Tonss

You can direct your SAT scores to CSUMentor by utilizing the SAT establishment codification 3594. Listing 3594 will direct your mark to all CSU campuses for one monetary value. CSUMentor will so hive away your tonss for ALL CSU campuses to use. If you have non yet sent your tonss to either a CSU campus or to CSUMentor. you can bespeak this at World Wide Web. collegeboard. com/student/testing/sat/reg. hypertext markup language.

ACT Scores|

You have no ACT Scores reported to CSUMentor|

If you took an ACT Test non listed above. your tonss from that trial day of the month were non reported to CSUMentor or were reported utilizing different placing information. To bespeak such tonss to be reported. you will necessitate to bespeak an Additional Score Report from ACT. |

Transportation appliers: You are non required to provide SAT or ACT information if you will hold 60 or more movable college semester units ( 90 or more one-fourth units ) .

I certify under punishment of bearing false witness under the Torahs of the State of California that I have provided complete and accurate responses to all the points on this application. I further attest all official paperss submitted in support of this application are reliable and unchanged records that pertain to me.

I authorize the California State University to let go of any information submitted by me in this application for admittance and any application for fiscal assistance to any individual. house. corporation. association. or authorities bureau to verify or explicate the information I have provided to obtain other information necessary for my application for admittance and any application for disposal of fiscal assistance and in connexion with bearing false witness proceedings. My signature certifies the truth and completeness of the information provided. I understand that any deceit or skip may be cause for denial or cancellation of admittance. reassign recognition. or registration. I certify that so long as I am a pupil at this establishment. I will rede the abode clerk if there is a alteration in any of the facts impacting my abode.