The Self-Sacrificing Personality Type Essay

The Self-denying Personality Type identifies people with low self-prides who attempt to mensurate their dignity by how they are treated by others ( Morris 1995 ) . They tend to give their ain demands and comfort in a despairing effort to win blessing. but even when they are praised for their actions they search for ways to turn that positive reaction into something negative. Those who treat them good are frequently rejected in favour of those who will feed their demand to back up their overpowering feeling of failure and insufficiency.

Because they frequently make bad picks in the people they wish to assist. they are frequently easy marks for taking advantage. Carrie was such an person. holding tried unsuccessfully to delight her parents in a dysfunctional household. so go oning the behaviour throughout her school yearss and into maturity with her hubby and kids. She defined herself by how others reacted to her demand to be needed. Recommendation: Carrie needs to construct her self-esteem utilizing a practical step-by-step method ( SAMHSA. 2008 ) . Some inquiries to inquire Carrie:

• Can you pay attending to your ain demands and wants. alternatively of worrying about what’s losing in everyone else’s lives? • Can you better your diet. acquire regular exercising. and pass more clip on your personal hygiene and training? • Are at that place activities you enjoy. that you can make merely to hold fun? • Do you hold particular endowments or abilities. or involvements you’d like to research? • Are at that place particular dainties you can give yourself. such as a bubble bath or an ice pick sundae? Decision: Carrie may necessitate reding to assist her recognize her demands are merely every bit of import as everyone else’s.


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