Starbucks supply chain management Essay

Natural Materials – Coffee Beans and Milk ( majority ) .

Work In Process – Brewed java in java pot and frozen baked merchandises in the icebox.

Finished Goods – Fresh processed java under client specification. Baked Goods ( Muffins. Brownies. etc. )

Maintenance. Repair and Operating Supplies – Coffee machine trim parts for usage in the scheduled care. Coffee Cups and Lids.

B. Coffee Beans – Dependent demand.

Milk ( Bulk ) – Dependent demand.

Brewed Coffee in Coffee Pot – Independent demand. ( if the order is merely black java ) . Dependent demand ( if it will be used in one of the particular drinks ( Cappuccino. Lattes. Mocha ) Frozen Baked Products – Independent demand ( Though it still necessitate to be baked before selling. it is still considered independent because it is non an ingredient of another merchandise.

Coffee Machine Spare Parts – Independent demand ( Given in the illustration in the book. the original parts used in piecing the machine is dependent nevertheless. the replacing parts that bought in a fix store is considered independent. )

Coffee Cup and Lids – Dependent demand

c. Coffee beans and milk – The economic order measure ( EOQ ) theoretical account is the method we can utilize for reordering procedure. Coffee and milk are the chief merchandises of Starbuck’s. therefore stockouts are non allowed and stock list must be available at all times.

Frozen Baked Products – In this sort of stock list. we can utilize the periodic reappraisal system. This stock list needs to be check on a regular basis for termination and look intoing the reorder point.

Coffee machine trim parts – Ordering spare parts is slippery because we can ne’er cognize when the machine will interrupt down. I can state these sort of stock list can be monitored by the consignee or the fix company the expressions out at the machine. They can give the shop direction and thought what trim parts can be ordered and stored and how frequent that trim portion is replaced.

Coffee cups and palpebras – These sort of stock list can utilize the economic measure theoretical account because it is one of the chief stock list used in the concern and stockouts is non allowed and should be available at all times.