Political Parties United States Of America Politics Essay

As each state becomes more developed through clip, persons are besides bit by bit having better instruction which propelled them to believe about ways to better their lives. Although everyone is different, they by and large have similar thoughts because of similar life conditions. The history of political parties began back in the 1600s by the Ancient Greeks ( Flanders, 2007 ) . Although it was non organized or anything like the current political parties now, people did group themselves together with others that had similar thoughts. In this assignment, the political parties of United States of America and Singapore would be explored and evaluated for their similarities and differences.

Approximately Political Parties

Political parties refer to groups of people who come together because they portion similar thoughts and they support specific public policies ( Ginsberg, 2011 ) . The intent of a political party is to elect campaigners who would be able to stand for them and to force for their thoughts to be carried out in the authorities.

Political parties in recent old ages are much more organized as compared to the yesteryear. They are able to supply official office infinites for the campaigners and they plan runs to act upon people who might portion similar values as them. It creates a more civilized society with the systematic attack towards bettering the citizens ‘ criterion of life and every person would hold a say in what they support by voting. This had besides reduced force and public violences that may hold been caused because of different values among people.

Political parties play a critical function in every state. Their being allows people to be able to associate campaigners to the sort of policies and values they support. It acts as a symbol and helps people to easy place the campaigners ‘ base on certain issues.

History of Political Parties

United States of America

Back in the 1700s, United States had wanted a strong cardinal authorities who are able to transport out all the policies. This had led to the formation of Federalists in 1787, which was the first political party in U.S. The first president, George Washington took over the office in 1789 and ruled for 8 old ages until 1797. However, during his opinion, anti-federalists, besides known as the Jeffersonian Republicans or the Democratic-Republicans, emerged to stand for a different societal category – the little husbandmans, craftsmans and plantation owners. This had resulted in a bipartisan system theoretical account which had been followed by the U.S. until today ( Flanders, 2007 ) .

In 1801, Thomas Jefferson took over the presidential term while stand foring the Democratic-Republican Party. Federalism ended after the war of 1812 which was caused by the tenseness between United States and Great Britain. The Democratic-Republican Party had so ruled for a period of clip before Jackson ‘s presidential term in 1828 where he renamed the party to Democratic Party while his oppositions, who were one time Federalists, formed the Whig Party. The bipartisan system remained with strong resistance from Whig Party until the issues of bondage were introduced. Many so left the Whig Party which supported bondage and Whig Party bit by bit died down.

In 1854, The Republican Party was founded by people who supported the abolition of bondage. This party, together with the Democratic Party became to two chief parties for the two-party system which remained today.


Since the independency of Singapore in 1965, Singapore has followed a dominant-party system. The People ‘s Action Party ( PAP ) was convinced that with the limited resources and endowments in Singapore, it was non practical for Singapore to split themselves up even further. Furthermore with its little geographics, population and little scope of policies to take from that clip, it was non sensible for people to choose another party to contend for different rights. At the point of clip when PAP was elected, about everybody in Singapore had wanted the same thing – freedom from Malaysia.

Although Singapore followed a dominant party system, there were besides other political parties around at that point of clip. Workers ‘ Party ( WP ) , founded in 1957, was non strong in the beginning. PAP had won all of the 58 seats in the Parliament in the general elections of twelvemonth 1968, 1972, 1976 and 1980. It was non until 1971, the resistance forces started increasing in WP with the entryway of a attorney, Jeyaretnam. In 1981, Jeyaretnam won a place in the Parliament and broke PAP ‘s 16-year of monopoly and resistance from WP continued to increase.

In 1980, Singapore Democratic Party ( SDP ) was formed and they managed to claim a place in the Parliament in the 1984 elections. However, unlike WP, SDP ‘s resistance forces remained low until today.

The dominant party system in Singapore thrived for more than 40 old ages in Singapore and it is still prevailing today. However, as seen from the history of tendencies of the political party forces, Singapore is stepping towards a bipartisan system with increasing resistance from Workers ‘ Party.

Comparison between Political Parties in United States and Singapore

Political Party System

Comparing the current political party system of United States and Singapore, it can be said to be really different because United States follows a bipartisan system strongly while Singapore follows a dominant-party system.

However, taking into history Singapore ‘s short history this was really similar to United States ‘ initial political party system when merely Federalists existed. Singapore is besides presently easy come oning towards the bipartisan system with Workers ‘ Party being able to claim increasing figure of seats in the Parliament each election.

United States would most probably be go oning the bipartisan system for a really long clip down into the hereafter as it was already set in the American citizens ‘ mentality to take either Democrats or the Republicans for approximately 150 old ages. However, United States could be said to be altering every bit good because the citizens are traveling from taking political parties ‘ to the campaigners whom they favour.

Party Political Beliefs

The political civilization for the United States and Singapore are somewhat different. For United States, it is considered Democratic Republican whereas for Singapore it is considered to be following Electoral Democracy.

Harmonizing to Merriam-Webster Dictionary, democracy is said to be a system of authorities formed by the people or members of the province through elected representatives. Republicanism on the other manus refers to a signifier of authorities whereby the leaders are elected for a certain period of clip to go through policies and jurisprudence which are good to the society, before they leave the authorities for good.

Electoral Democracy refers to the signifier of authorities where the members are elected from clip to clip to stand for the people and support specific public policies.

The Democratic Party in the United States supports democracy and believes that every single gets equal chances and have their just portion in the state. This is instead similar to Singapore ‘s People ‘s Action Party ( PAP ) where it besides supports democracy and meritocracy whereby people are recognised by their attempts and accomplishments. Likewise, Singapore Democratic Party supports true democracy and aims to extinguish any signifier of dictatorship.

The lone difference is the political beliefs would be that United States follows Republicanism which is conservative while Singapore still elects the same campaigners if they are able to function the people good.

Minorities ‘ Party

Like United States, although there were many minority parties around in Singapore, they represented really weak forces and frequently are unable to win any seats in the Parliament. However, they do play a portion in widening people ‘s position by raising new issues of which the chief political parties have non look into.

Minority Parties in the United States contributes really much to the ballots that each chief party would have. It is about impossible for them to win during any elections and the ballots that they gain would be critical as it would make up one’s mind which chief party will win when the ballots are given to either one of the chief parties.

However for Singapore, Minority Parties are non of much importance because of the dominant party system. No affair how much the minority party additions, none of them would be likely to take up most of the seats in the Parliament.


All political parties are similar because they exist to back up causes and serve their people. They aim to contend for the most good intervention for its people and besides purpose to better the state through its criterion of life, economic system and many more. Although United States and Singapore are similar because they support the same doctrine – democracy, they are excessively really different because the political party systems are different and the civilization that each state ‘s citizens are used to is different. Comparison between the two states would non be able to stand for a really accurate political state of affairs in the hereafter because of the difference in their history.