Needs of Customer Essay

Greeting Service

When clients walk into a eating house. whether it is McDonald’s or Chez Pierre. they expect to be acknowledged. This is a little service. but it is imperative to the success of the eating house. as clients who are non greeted may merely walk out and eat someplace else. The type of host a eating house has will depend on the type of eating house it is every bit good as how busy it is. Some eating houses pay hosts to recognize clients. name names off waiting lists and walk clients to their tabular arraies. In other eating houses. direction and wait staff take over this responsibility. Regardless of what you can afford for your eating house. ever make certain person has the duty of recognizing the invitees and that individual knows it is her duty.

Wait Staff

When clients go to a eating house. they expect a good delay staff. unless they are dining at a fast-food concatenation. Even so. clients expect the counter workers to acquire their orders right in an appropriate sum of clip and work out jobs rapidly and politely. In traditional. sit-down eating houses. clients expect the wait staff to be attentive. but non excessively attentive. Wait staff should non vibrate or disrupt. but they besides should come back often plenty to go to to their customers’ demands. In add-on. they should convey nutrient in a timely mode and manage jobs. such as nutrient that has been sent back cheerily. Customers besides expect wait staff to be friendly and personable.


Customers normally go to eating houses to run into with others socially in a friendly environment. Although environment is non normally considered a service. service plays a big function in making a good environment. In add-on to doing certain the eating house is clean. attractive and the decor is consistent with the nutrient and restaurant’s image. eating house proprietors need to state their staff it’s OK to allow invitees linger. Wait staff should non suggest that it is clip for the invitees to travel. For illustration. they should non hotfoot the nutrient to the tabular array unless the client requests it. They besides should non get down to clean nearby tabular arraies in an obvious mode or delay for clients to acquire out their money to pay the cheque. To the contrary. wait staff should state things like. “Feel free to chew the fat every bit long as you like — allow me cognize if you’ll need some sweet or a drink refill. ”

Food and Drink

Probably the most of import service that a client expects to have when dining out is a good choice of delightful and well-presented nutrient. Harmonizing to London wine author Jamie Goode. it is more of import that nutrient be simple and good tasting. made with quality ingredients. than to be fancy or pretentious. Goode besides notes that clients expect a big vino choice that is non overpriced. Furthermore. clients expect nutrient to be consistent with the image of the eating house. Customers who are dining at a household eating house. for illustration. anticipate sandwiches. traditional dinners and moderate monetary values. At a more elegant eating house. monetary values can be higher but nutrient demands to be more of the epicure assortment.