My Review on Matchstick Men Essay

Matchstick work forces means a sort of individual who can hold others purchase his things. even merely a box of matchsticks. with his first-class misrepresentation and fluency. Therefore. they are besides called deceivers or con creative persons. In the movie Matchstick Men. the chief character Roy was such sort of an outstanding con creative person who ever cheated others. With his spouse Frank. he made a batch of vaulting horses. Whereas. he suffered from uneven disease which gave him many hurting. Thingss get to a turning point when a girl called Angela came into his life.

Roy gave deep love to her and bit by bit get the better of his unwellness. As a consequence. he wanted to give up rip offing others and be a responsible male parent. Nevertheless. after an accident. Angela killed person that was cheated by them and Roy decided to give himself to protect his girl. In the terminal. nevertheless. Roy found that all of this turned out to be a fraud which was directed by Frank. Ironically. he lost all his money that was besides earned by rip offing. What a gag! An first-class con creative person though he was. Roy was cheated by his spouse.

And it truly makes me recognize the importance of pass oning with others. Imagine the state of affairs that when Roy heard he had a 14-year-old girl. if he could phone his ex-wife and speak about it. possibly the fraud could be debunked. However. Roy was afraid of speaking with his ex-wife and failed to confront the past. as a consequence. that gave deceivers a good chance to go on their program. Besides. the film besides shows me the power of love. Before the visual aspect of Angela. Roy had serious unwellness and to a great extent relied on pills.

It was the love to his girl that cured him. He no longer ate pills and could eat pizza with his girl on the rug without caring about the clarity. In fact. he enjoyed clip remaining with her and had the happiest clip in his life. So at the terminal of the film. when Roy met the false ‘daughter’ . though he was angry. he didn’t take to avenge but to forgive her. Love made a difference on him and changed his life. Another point I want to show is that bad luck may turn out to be an existent luck. On the one manus. Roy was cheated and lost all of his money.

From this facet. he was perfectly unfortunate. However. during that period. he earned felicity and lightened his unwellness. After that he gave up rip offing others and began a wholly new life as a salesman. Money is of import but compared with love. wellness and felicity. money is nil. Though life deprived Roy of his money. he got love. felicity and wellness alternatively. Hence. when life is tough for us. we should see it from different facets. Although we may lose something. we can besides derive other things more of import alternatively.