Look Before You Leap Essay

Frankenstein is non a literary island. stray and entirely. It is connected to a great many literary plants by some common subjects. One such subject is the thought of experimentation. Mythology in peculiar and history in general. has shown us that the right to experiment comes with an equal duty to halt and believe about what we are making before we do it. Time and clip once more we have heard the narrative of Frankenstein. Equally good known is that of Einstein and his hunt for the secrets of the atom. Both of these show that foolhardy experimentation without equal research can turn out lifelessly due to unanticipated consequences.

Victor Frankenstein provides an first-class illustration of how non to do determinations. This adult male ran headstrong into every determination he had to do. without at any point fillet to believe about what he was making. He shows us his deficiency of respect toward the duty he clearly had as the Godhead of the monster. His greatest error is when he doesn’t take the clip to see the consequences of his actions before the initial creative activity. He so exacerbates his mistake by abandoning his creative activity. like the teenage female parent who. upon detecting her inability to care for her kid. leaves it to fend for itself. Had Victor taken the clip to contemplate his actions. he certainly would hold non created his monster. and he. William. Elizabeth and the remainder of his household would hold lived in peace.

It is pretty basic cognition that Albert Einstein worked with the scientists of the Los Alamos National Laboratory to ease the splitting of the atom. and accordingly the development of the atomic bomb and the modern atomic arm. What is lesser known is that Einstein realized the consequence of his possibly misguided actions and instantly began to try to guarantee that his research non be used. He campaigned within the scientific community. and begged the President non to misapply everything he had spent his life coming up with. In the terminal. nevertheless. 90. 000 people died and 180. 000 people were injured when the first two atomic arms were released on the metropoliss of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Had Einstein thought through the possible effects of his work. he probably would ne’er hold been involved with the Manhattan Project. As it was. he lived his life feeling guilty about the loss of life that he felt was his mistake.

A common original of these narratives of suffering is that with the ability to experiment comes an unconditioned duty to see the effects of your actions prior to moving on your thoughts. History has shown that those who act impetuously finally yield to their deficiency of foresight and unrecorded to repent the consequences.