Identify Formal and Informal Power Structures Essay

Identify the current formal and informal power constructions in the organisation. How might the power and political construction of the organisation affect employee behaviour. Power comes from an person or group influence over another. The beginnings of power are divided into two general groups which are formal and personal. An individual’s place in an organisation is based on formal power. Formal authorization comes from the ability to hale. Coercive power depends on the fright of negative consequences from neglecting to follow with regulations and ordinances. Political behaviours in organisations are activities that are non required as portion of an individual’s formal function. Some factors that influence employee behaviour are single and organisational factors. When employees feel that political relations are a menace they respond with defensive behaviour to avoid incrimination or alteration. Employees can besides act with conformity when wages power is put into drama.

Identify features of the company civilization. What are the possible influences of the corporate civilization on employee behaviour. Organizational civilization is a system that refers to a shared significance held by distinguished members of the organisation. Culture is a descriptive term. it is concerned with how employees perceive the features of an organization’s civilization. non whether or non they like them. When an organization’s civilization is strong the direction is non concerned as much with developing formal regulations and ordinances to assist steer employee behaviour. Cultural differences will impact employee satisfaction and public presentation. Organizations that operate with people from high power distance such as most of Latin America. happen that their employees are much more accepting of mechanistic construction.