Greek Mythology and Prometheus Essay

Prometheus is a God who was a beneficiary to mankind. Son of the Titan Iapetus. he worked to profit the lives of adult male. non the lives of the Gods. Prometheus was assigned by Zeus to make world from H2O and Earth. but in the procedure gave adult male more power than Zeus had anticipated. Zeus wanted adult male to hold a deficiency of power. particularly over fire. but Prometheus defies what Zeus wants and gave the power of fire to mankind. Concerned more with the well being of the adult male. Prometheus bargains lightning and fire from Zeus and gives the power of fire to mankind.

Zeus is highly angered by this act of noncompliance and provinces to Prometheus. “I bet you are glad you stole fire and outfoxed me. But things will travel hard for you and worlds after this. I’m traveling to give them evil in exchange for fire. their really ain Evil to love and embrace” ( ACM 163 ) . In response to this. Zeus nowadayss adult male with the “gift” of Pandora. the first adult female. Pandora was made to present bad luck to work forces. and as a manner to take away the good liquors of adult male.

Another thing that Prometheus does to withstand Zeus is trick him in the signifier of forfeit and nutrient. Prometheus divides slaughtered carnal parts into two parts. one for adult male and one for the Gods. In one. he wrapped the ox-meat in the tummy liner. while the other he wrapped the ox-bones in its ain fat. though looking rich and plentiful. Prometheus presented Zeus with the two parts. doing him take. and Zeus of class took the ox-bones because he eyes deceived him believing it was more plentiful and therefore more lush.

Zeus punishes Prometheus in a atrocious manner for his discourtesy and rebelliousness. Zeus ab initio thought to penalize all of Prometheus’ household. but decided to merely penalize Prometheus himself. The penalty was that Prometheus was chained to Mount Caucasus where an bird of Jove feasted on his liver day-to-day. Each dark the liver would renew itself. Finally. Heracles comes to Mount Caucasus. hit the bird of Jove and frees Prometheus from his ironss. Prometheus knows the secret of Zeus’ ruin. He knows how Zeus can free his power.

Prometheus is given this cognition by his female parent. who tells him that a possible matrimony would bring forth a boy that would subvert Zeus. The matrimony would hold been to Thetis. who was a sea nymph. Defying his progresss Thetis does non get married Zeus. but the mortal Peleus. and their boy is Achilles. It is this disclosure from Prometheus to Zeus that the two of them reconcile. and this action is done in Aescylus’ narrative. Prometheus. The Fire Bringer. Zeus must accept what Prometheus is seeking to state him and that he should forgive him and come to forgive Prometheus’ actions.