Flowers Fo Algernon Essay Research Paper Flowers

Flowers Fo Algernon Essay, Research Paper

Flowers for Algernon

This book was really confounding in the beggining.BeforeI read a book I usally skim Through it existent fast.When I skimmed through this one, I saw a whole clump of spellingerrors, and it didn & # 8217 ; Ts have a sum-up on the dorsum of the bookto Tell you what it & # 8217 ; s about.

I shortly learned it was about a retarded grownup namedCharlie Gordon, composing to his physician, Dr Stauss.Dr.Stauss is experimenting on him to do him be smarter.Charlie plants at bakeshop, as a janitor.He thinks he has alot of freinds their, butthey truly are merely doing merriment of him.Charlie merely doesn & # 8217 ; t know.He hopes to be smart some twenty-four hours, merely like the other childs, so he doesn & # 8217 ; t waver for a minute to cooperatein a extremist experiment to increase his intellegence.

Algernon is a mouse that Charlie is amazed at the

undertakings he can perform.He is besides really supersticious.

As yearss go by, Charlie starts to do more and mo

recorrections in his writing.He besides gets more mad at Algernon, because he keeps crushing Charlie in all the tests.He subsequently starts to detect how beatiful Alice

Kinnian is.He can & # 8217 ; t acquire her off his mind.She likes


May 20th, he got fired from his occupation, but the Welberg Foundation has begunpaying him a wage out of grant so he doesn & # 8217 ; Ts have to travel looking for a job.His sister International Relations and Security Network & # 8217 ; t really nice to him.

His qoute, & # 8221 ; Listen, the best of them have been self-satisfied and patronizing-using me to do themselves superior and secure in their ain limitations.Anyone can experience intelligent besides a moron. & # 8221 ;

October 5th was the twenty-four hours when Charlie snapped.He told Dr.Stauss he didn & # 8217 ; t want to take these trials anymore.He even ripped apart the white binder with alot of information.The trials made him so much smarter, now he & # 8217 ; s fring it.He starts doing more mistakes in his writing.He lost alot of his knowledge.Algernon died at the terminal of the narrative.