Fire And Early Man Essay Research Paper

Fire And Early Man Essay, Research Paper

The definition of fire is the active rule of combustion, characterized by the heat and visible radiation of burning ; And cultivating it was possibly one of the biggest technological springs worlds of all time surpassed. Fire affected the ancient adult male in many ways through cause and consequence, and every consequence created a cause, which resulted in another consequence. It allowed the nutrient to be germ-free because it was cooked and since it was cooked it was more digestible and that resulted in more foods for the organic structure leting encephalon and encephalon capacity to increase. The fact that nutrient was cooked, the jaw and dentition experienced a lessening in size since meat wasn T so difficult to eat through. Fire besides allowed the creative activity of better and stronger tools therefore ensuing in huntsmans holding more success with the large game and the nutrient supply to increase. It was besides used as a defense mechanism against the large carnivorous animate beings that preyed on worlds for nutrient. Fire in all was a great find made by a hominid species Homo erectus that was foremost to make fire and command it. In the undermentioned paragraphs I will seek to turn out that cultivation of fire had in fact a great affect on the ancient adult male.

At first fire was seldom seen or used because worlds could non develop it and the lone beginning of fire would hold been from lightning, vents, and hemorrhoids of dry foliages all of a sudden lighting. Although fires were rare phenomena at the clip, Paleolithic peoples still found usage to it. They used the fire to maintain their shelters warm and cook their nutrient, and frighten off wild animate beings. This was of class before Homo erectus cultivated fire. Homo erectus learned how to do and command fire every bit early as 1.4 million old ages ago. They made fire by rubbing one stick back and Forth against another, or by turning a stick quickly in a hole in a dry log. When Homo erectus discovered fire they had adapted many utilizations to it, one of them was to cook nutrient. As they began to cook their food-a much faster procedure than eating it raw-they had more clip to prosecute other activities. ( Walker 21 ) The effect was the decrease of jaw and tooth size for the posterities of those who foremost cooked their nutrient merely in order to do it ingestible. 1. Not merely did the jaw

and teeth experience a alteration but besides the encephalon and the encephalon capacity. The encephalon overtime grew larger since more and more foods were available to it through the digestion of cooked nutrient instead than raw. And when the jaw decreased, encephalon capacity increased at the same clip. This led to worlds being smarter therefore ensuing in worlds more capable to make and contrive new tools and ways of runing ; more capable to accommodate to the current environment they lived in and the environment that nutrient led them to.

One other manner that fire changed the manner that worlds lived was that it allowed the creative activity of better and more efficient tools for runing. Fire was used to indurate the points of wooden lances so that the arms could pierce the tegument of a rhinoceros. Thus huntsmans had greater success and the nutrient supply increased. ( Walker 21 ) Because fire allowed the creative activity of a spear the organic structure had to accommodate to the freshly developed runing manner.

The lance led to the alteration of the organic structure from the cervix down. For the first clip, the huntsman did non literally have to come to clasps with his quarry and could transfix it from a distance. The effect was the relaxation of selective forces keeping Middle Pleistocene degrees of muscularity and hardiness in the organic structure below the cervix. Decrease in postcranial hardiness so appeared for the first clip among Africans towards the terminal of the Middle Pleistocene 1

So fire in fact affected our organic structure construction doing us more unsloped due to the freshly developed weapon the lance, harmonizing to the Professor of Anthropology C. Loring Brace.

Another manner that fire was used was in defense mechanism from the animate beings such as Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelams or king of beastss that could hold preyed on worlds for nutrient. They threw firing sticks, at animate beings to drive them off from people s shelters. ( Walker 21 ) Just the fact that worlds used fire in defense mechanism that resulted in the addition of the human population. Although merely Stone Age worlds used fire in defense mechanism it impacted the population growing by holding more worlds survive the nutrient Hunts. Fire besides allowed the hominid Species Homo Erectus to dwell other continents other than Africa. Specimens have been found in Africa, Europe, China, Georgia, India, and Java 2