My employment is conditional to a clear CRB disclosure carried out by my employer, it is subject to the employer receiving 3personal and professional references. Job title. Other employment. Place of work. Pay. Bonus. Hours of work. Timesheets and time recording. Annual holidays. Public holidays. Sick pay. Pension. Probationary period. Notice. Disciplinary rules and procedure. Appeal procedure. Grievance procedure. Uniforms. PPE. Qualifications. I must ensure confidentiality at all times.

Name, Employee Number, Tax Code, Gross Pay, Net Pay, Deduction

Change of address and change of bank details, name.

First contact my Line Manager explaining fully the nature of my grievance either verbally or in writing. I will then be invited to a meeting at a reasonable time and location at which my grievance will be investigated fully. I must take all reasonable steps to attend this meeting. I will be notified of the decision in writing normally within 10 working days of the meeting including my right of appeal. If I wish to appeal I must inform Managing Director within 5 working days. I will be invited to a further meeting, which I must take all reasonable steps to attend. As far as reasonably practicable, the company will be presented by a more senior manager than attended in the first meeting (unless the most senior manager attended that meeting). Following the appeal meeting I will be informed of the final decision, normally within 10 working days which will be confirmed in writing.

1. The company will hold details of the employee and clients in both paper and electronic form under the Data Protection Act 1998. This will remain
confidential at all times.

2. If an employee has a grievance about any aspect of their job their first approach is the Line Manager either verbally or in writing. The employee will then be invited to a meeting at which the grievance will be investigated. If the employee wishes to appeal after this meeting then a meeting will be arranged with a more senior manager. Following this appeal meeting the employee will be informed of the outcome in writing.

3. If there is conflict between two members of staff then each staff member will be asked to put their reason for the conflict to the Line manager, hoping that by discussing the problems there will be a satisfactory outcome for all parties.

4. The company has an equal opportunities policy in place and does not accept any kind of discrimination.

5. Regular Health and Safety training is undertaken by all members of staff, also Risk Assessment’s are regularly carried out for service users and staff members.

6. All staff are made aware of the confidentiality policy. All information with regard to service users must be kept in a secure place.

7. All staff are made aware of the Whistle blowing policy. If an employee has concerns about working practice by another employee must report it to Line manager. Line manager must take the necessary steps to investigate allegation brought to their attention whilst keeping the source of their information confidential.

One of the my main tasks is the co-ordination of care. That is, organising the daily schedule of care assistants and making sure they arrive at the stated times and carry out the tasks as set out in the service users care plan. I’m also responsible for answering all telephone and personal enquiries, whether they be from service users, Social Services, staff members or any other interested parties. I deal with any problems as they arise, but I have the option to involve my general manager if I can’t solve them myself. I also carry out risk assessment, care plan reviews etc.

a) by following care plans, policies and procedures, adhering to legislation, sharing good practices and reporting concerns.

b) may result in disciplinary action, dismissal.

My work is influenced by these factors by ensuring that I protect the rights and promote the interests of service users. Gain service users trust and confidence. Promote the independence of service users. Respect service users rights whilst ensuring they come to no harm.

a) CQC -Care Quality Commission
KCC Social Services

b) CQC – this is a government body that inspects care providers on a yearly basis to ensure that they are meeting essential standards of quality and safety.

KCC Social Services – The role of social services revolves around finding successful solutions to that relate to social welfare. They play a big role in assessing the need for services and they provide and fund care services. Social workers a required to have a breadth of skills, since they may be in situations where they have to act as advisers, advocates, counsellors and listeners.