Different kinds of influences within each area

Parent and child stable relationship, love, affection, family values, quality time It could affect their future relationships with partners and also their own children but if they do receive its showing them how a parent / child relationships should and can be because they went through it themselves and experienced, that sort of goes both ways with background either bad or good can affect them. Health

Illness or disabilities
It separates them from others and can affect their sense of belonging where they are not able to join in with other children and could possibly influence them to believe they might not ever fit in, whether it be sports, jobs or social events in adult life. Environment

Moving to a new house/area
Worried and anxious to whether they will settle in and make new friends. Miss their old friends and family. If always moving there’s no stability or structure which can affect their sense of normality and less likely to stick at things. If to a better area it can help them in many ways better education, health facilities, better opportunities for their future. TDA 2.1 LO 2.2 describe with examples the importance of recognising and responding to concerns The Importance of recognising and responding to concerns

If a problem was not recognised and responded to quickly enough that problem could escalate and become much more worse than originally and could be much harder to help out, more damage could be done.

Example of concern
How would you respond?

A child not eating lunch

Tell a senior member of staff while volunteering but if employed I would also tell senior members of staff and will look further into it and will speak to child parents.

A child taking food from other children

Same as above in that sense.

A child being bullied

Same as above but will also speak to the bully’s parent/s.