Culture in Everyday Life Essay

I experienced civilization daze about 7 old ages ago. when I became friends with a Filipino adult female. Her name is Christeen Humangnan ; she was born and raised in the Philippines. It wasn’t until Christeen was 14 old ages old. that she moved to the United States. She would state me how spoiled we are as Americans. She lived in the Philippines without electricity. a telecasting. and seldom had money for new places.

Although those imposts are different from ours in the United States. there is one civilization she patterns that stood out. It is called pagmamano. Pagmamano is a Philippine civilization that has survived the times and foreign influences. This is the pattern of regard by inquiring for an elder’s manus and touches one’s brow while bowing. One normally asks by stating “Mano Po. ” Mano Po translates to “may I have your manus please. ” In return. the senior blesses the individual. In the Filipino civilization the aged. refer to parents and grandparents. cousins. or close household friends. It is normally done when one visits a household. when run intoing these people outside of the places or after a spiritual activity. It is besides common to convey kids to their godparents during Christmas clip to pay regard with this usage.

I found this usage in the Filipino civilization to be flooring to me because. I have ne’er seen it done before. I besides see so many kids act disrespectfully to their seniors in this state. so it was a approval in my eyes to see the aged being respected. Now that I have learned of pagmamano. I participate. and have taught my ain kids the significance of this civilization. We do non utilize it in our ain civilization. but whenever we visit my friend Christeen and her household. we show adequate regard to her and her household by take parting in pagmamano.

I would state that the value premise was somewhat an issue when I foremost learned of this pattern. I thought to myself. this is non the Philippines. we don’t make that here. After seeing the usage in individual and how respectful the striplings are to their seniors. I realized I was incorrect. I was happy to larn of it and see the kids larning regard. You don’t see many American kids show this type of regard. Since cultural relativism supports the theory that there is no absolute right and incorrect.

Alternatively. the ethical motives. criterions and behaviours that vary among civilizations must be taken into consideration. I was incorrect to presume that pagmamano should be practiced in the Philippines. I think it is a great manner to demo regard. At first I thought to myself. that’s Wyrd! Then. I realized that we do “weird” things excessively. She considers some of the things we do as “weird. ” when we considered it normal. We merely have to accept the fact that we all live together in this state that participates and allows different civilizations. I am grateful that I learned of the pagmamano civilization. and I respect it.