Civil Vs Moral Essay Research Paper Civil

Civil Vs Moral Essay, Research Paper

? Civil Law V. Moral jurisprudence?

In Sophocles? drama? Antigone? , Antigone? s life is taken from her because of her pick to follow the moral jurisprudence by burying her brother and disobeying the civil jurisprudence, which forbid this.

Harmonizing to the Gods everyone is entitled to the proper entombment. Everyone has a right to be put to peace upon his or her decease. Creon enforced an edict ( the civil jurisprudence ) that Polyneices is non entitled to a proper entombment because he is considered a treasonist of Thebes. [ p.199 ] Creon felt that if a individual acted against the province he or she loses the right to be buried, and put to rest in peace. Antigone made the determination to bury her brother Polyneices, even though it was against Creon? s edict. She had chosen to make what is right harmonizing to the Gods, and bury her brother. The Torahs of the Gods were more of import to her so obey the jurisprudence of the worlds. Because she made the moral pick of siding with the Gods, Creon, the male monarch, sentenced her to decease. She knew of this penalty before doing

her determination, but she felt overwhelmed that burying her brother was the moral, and righteous thing to make. She was willing to decease for her brother. [ p.209 ]

When Antigone and Creon have the confrontation, Antigone tells Creon that heavens Torahs are more powerful than Creon? s Torahs. Antigone reminds Creon that it is non the topographic point of a person to inquiry or amend the Godhead jurisprudence under no fortunes. Antigone tells Creon that she has no sorrow for what she done nor will she back down. Creon positions the Torahs of the province as the highest Torahs in being. He is disregarding the Godhead Torahs, which are higher than any jurisprudence that is created by adult male. Creon commits the wickedness of blasphemy, by claiming that the Gods do non give a darn about Polyneices organic structure. [ p. 203 ] Creon believes that he is merely in condemning Antigone to decease because she did non follow the civil jurisprudence ; nevertheless, she was following the more powerful jurisprudence Godhead jurisprudence.

Due to the fact that Antigone had a stronger desire for following the moral jurisprudence, Creon who enforced the civil jurisprudence sentenced her to decease.