City of My Dream

Nagpur: “The Orange [email protected] of India” can certainly shape the Future of India, if we grow & flourish united with a unified vision involving the following imagination: In Education, Frequent continuous revision of quality of syllabus(esp. Post Graduate Courses) & introduction of hybrid courses as per international standards by RSTM Ngp Univ with primary focus being from transforming students from service minded individuals into self reliant confident research & innovation oriented entreprenneur minded job generators rather than job seekers is certain to push India a long way into the future.

Introducing Earn while u Learn for students will make a student successful in social as well as professional life. Introducing more distributed disconnected learning architecture (Distant Learning) eg. , MBA Entreprenneurship Development(offered by Nagaland University). The University can revolutionize education by being open framework rapidly adapting to changes. In Defence, When our Ordnance Factory focuses not merely on low-tech shell development, but into hi-end sophisticated weapon system research of strategic significance to India. In Power & Energy,

When, Nagpurians are supplied power collected from Grid as well as private power generation companies just like the Pune Power Model leading to Zero Load Shedding. This will boost export oriented Industrial Productivity critical to MIHAN’s success. In GIS, Agriculture & Research, After thorough evolving research with Remote Sensing Facility near Univ Campus & other Research facilities, GoI defines well planned & experimented farming patterns (Themes) which farmers only have to comply with & merely act as cooperative execution agents of Govt’s integrated farming strategy for optimum agricultural production.

The benefits are worth the integration efforts: This evolves sophisticated & matured farming practices & brings in Scientifically proved agriculture farming Best practices to be applied throughout India on the highly fragmented land holding patterns of Indian farmers. Funding and tension / responsibility of success now shifts over to GoI. So, No more farmer suicide cases related to loan repayments/crop failure.

In (e-)Logistics, Trade support framework & Supply Chain Management critical to SME /Business Development GPS based e-Logistics solutions provided using web-services oriented architecture integrated & implemented with Central Railways along with MIHAN Cargo Hub at the Govt / municipality level to make India self reliant leading Exporter globally apart from being known as a cheap services outsourcing destination can sow the seeds of Vision developed India 2020. How about a Central India (Nagpur) Stock Exchange? Thus, Nagpur can shape India’s future in many ways. Contact Writer: http://in. geocities. com/siddharth_bhatta