Child Development of Infant Toy Essay

We were given the assignment to make plaything for a babe from things available in a place. I chose to make a plaything for babes in the late babyhood phase. My playthings are “Noise shakers” . I took three H2O bottles. took off their negligees. and in each one I added different things to make different sounds. In one bottle I put bells. in another bottle I put rice. and so in my 3rd bottle I added colorful trade beads. I filled all three bottles half manner so there was room for the objects to travel freely and make their different sounds. I so used something called Gorilla gum to attach the bottle caps. After that I covered the cap with two beds of colourful canal tape. so that it was excess secure. every bit good as adding colour to the cap country. The age for this plaything is 12 to 36 months. It falls in Piaget’s sensorimotor phase and the early portion of the preoperational phase. Although this plaything would non be for under 12 months or above 36 months.

During the sensorimotor phase between 12 and 18 months “infants develop new behaviours that allow them to accomplish their ends. Although the kid still repeats actions over and over. now he does it with a planned fluctuation to see what happened when I do this! ” ( P. 235/Levine ) . For illustration. the kid will believe. “when I shake this bottle I hear the sound” . This plaything will excite the child’s senses ; when the babe shakes it. it makes a sound. Besides. these bottles have a soft but rough texture to the touch. This is of import. because infants/young kids take in information from their sense.

This plaything will promote their growing of symbolic activity. When agitating these bottles. the immature kid will feign they are different musical instruments ; this is symbolic because they use one object to stand for another. Piaget provinces that “During the Cognitive Development Theory phase 6 ( 18 months to 2 old ages ) the beginning of idea. kids seem to believe out state of affairss more internally. before they act. ” ( p. 94/ Crain ) . The developmental theory that informed the design of this plaything falls under Piaget’s Cognitive- Developmental Theory. and the Development of the Senses. along with increased sensor-motor intelligence. When the babe shakes each bottle it gives a different sound. the kid will agitate one and hear bells. so agitate the bottle incorporating rice and acquire that sound. They learn their actions get different consequences. The kid develops their ain strategies due to their ain wonder. Citation: Child Development: An Active Learning Experience/ Levine. Laura/ Sage publishing/ 2011

Theories of Development: Concepts and Applications/ Crain. William/ 2nd Edition/ 1985
Photograph of Plaything: