Is google making us stupid?

The Internet, an immeasurably powerful computing system, is subsuming most of our other intellectual technologies. It’s becoming our map and our clock, our printing press and our typewriter, our calculator and our telephone, and our radio and TV,” Writes Nicholas Carr in his article, Is Google Making Us Stupid? In Carr’s article, he examines the […]

The Advanced Boot Options

The Advanced Boot Options menu appears when a user presses F8 as Windows is loading. False There is no option for networking access when using Safe Mode False A Windows 7 system repair disc can be created using the Backup and Restore utility. True As you work to solve a Windows problem, always choose the […]

Chapter Summary of Guns Germs and Steel

?1. How humans came into existence was talked about along with the major advances in the world’s development. It is proven that humans did evolve from monkeys in Africa. There is some arguments around if there were pre-Clovis people or not, but James Diamond says evidence would’ve been found by now. 2. The Maori and […]

Reason for change

Lowes is one of several organizations well known as a home store which, draws customers that’s homeowners interested in do it yourself home projects or contractors. According to research Lowes has employed over 238,000 people, with the economy taking a turn for the worst Lowes was also affected. Which caused them to lay off over […]

Team work

What does it mean to be a successful team? Over the past year, I watched my mother fight one of the hardest battles in the world. My mother was diagnosed with breast cancer last year, and even the best team of doctors could not cure her. The day she died, she went to my basketball […]

Strategic Position Review of Michael Hill Jewelers in New Zealand

?Michael Hill Jewellers (MHJ) is one of the most recognizable names in the New Zealand retail jewellery industry. In 1979, Michael Hill opened his first store in Whangerei. Until then, jewellery stores had been run primarily by craftsmen jewellers. Michael Hill changed this with the philosophy “to make jewellery buying less intimidating and more accessible […]

Biotic and Abiotic Influences on the Ecosystem

Abiotic factors – water, landforms, temperature, sunlight, soil, gasses in the atmosphere etc. Density dependant factor is also a factor that affects the birth rate or mortality rate of a population. A disease contained within a dense population. If the organisms live close together, then each organism will have a higher probability rate of receiving the […]

Residential schools

Introduction For years, the aboriginal people have been discriminated in Canada. They were perceived as inferior because their native traditions were very different from the white Canadian traditions. In the 19th century, the Canadian government created mandatory residential schools to assimilate the Natives into English speaking and Christian Canadians. The schools were church-run and government […]

Ancient Greece

Ancient Greeks achieved its Golden Age over 2000 years ago and many of its contributions have survived to influence Western Civilization. The Golden Age was a time of peace and prosperity. Western Civilization benefitted from the knowledge passed down from the Ancient Greeks in many diverse areas such as; philosophy, government and science. Ancient Greece […]

USSR in the years 1936-39

One of the definitive factors of Stalin’s Russia is the mass array of terror he cast over his nation during his tyrannous reign which was fuelled by purges of people from all walks of life; this stemmed from kulaks on the collectivised farming to ‘saboteurs’ in the industrial aspects who were said to be at […]