Examine the sociological views

There have been many changes in society that have affected children over the last 50 years, however there are several different sociological views on whether these changes have been beneficial to children or not. Functionalist sociologists have the ‘march of progress’ view, as they believe that the experience of childhood has massively improved over the […]

Roles ; Responsibilities in Lifelong Learning

Unit 7 : Roles & Responsibilities in Lifelong Learning The roles and responsibilities of a teacher within in the lifelong learning sector have been shaped and developed by a range of factors. From cultural changes, greater understanding of learning styles and the laws which govern the education community as a whole. In this essay I […]

A Gathering of Old Men: Importance of standing up for oneself

 “If you fell down yesterday, stand up today”. This quote by H. G. Wells is seen in the novel A Gathering of Old Men. The novel, taking place in the 1970s, was in a time in which African-Americans still suffered heavy discrimination. After years of taking this abuse, when an incident comes in which a […]

Ford Motor Company: Supply Chain Management and Strategic Fit

Abstract This report covers the performance of Ford Motor Company over the past 10 years and analyzes the results of its “One Ford” business plan. The main question this report answers is whether Ford’s resent actions match the supply chain strategy of the new plan. There is also a short comparison between Ford and it […]

Traveling for education

Abstract Due to the miserable situations of Lebanese students and their long years of suffering from the bad educating services and due to the absence of responsibility toward university students and the difficulty of finding jobs. The researcher in this paper shows the attention to this problem . TRAVELLING FOR EDUCATION Traveling For Education It […]

Hardness of water

ABSTRACT This project was done to determine the total hardness of ilara mokin water to show the usefulness of hard water in industries, environmental and social links. INTRODUCTION: WHAT IS HARDNESS OF WATER: It is when water passes through or over deposit such as limestone; the level of Ca?? and Mg?? and HCO? ions present […]

Free Time

o pubs where we can chat, listen to music, dance and eat something. But the garden parties are more friendlier and cheaper. We usually organize barbecues with children, this time they can play and run in the garden. I usually go to a wellness-weekend with my husband once a year in winter because we work […]

PM Profitel Inc. case

As a formerly government-owned telephone monopoly, Profitel enjoyed many decades of minimal competition. Even today as a publicly traded enterprise, the company’s almost exclusive control over telephone copper wiring across the country keeps its profit mar- gins above 40 percent. Competitors in telephone and DSL broadband continue to rely on Profitel’s wholesale business, which generates […]

King of the castle

The settings in ‘I’m the King of the castle’ beautifully portrays on how the character feels and thinks, she does this by having lucid themes that show emotions of the characters reflecting onto the theme. This means the reader can feel the atmosphere seemingly throughout the novel. In the novel there is one main theme […]

Financial Statement

In this week, learning and understanding how import the financial account in the company’s financial performance is very important in becoming a manager. This account, records all financial information to which management, creditors, stockholders, potential investors and regulatory agencies understand the financial consequences of a company’s decision and actions. Whether the company has an increasing […]