Tools to Avoid Conflict in performance Appraisals

Tools to Avoid     1 Tools to Avoid Conflict in performance Appraisals      The performance appraisal is the most powerful tool in any supervisor’s possession. For many supervisors and employees, regardless of their industry, appraisal time can be one of frustration, fear and lost opportunity. Nothing is more frustrating for supervisors appraising performance than to walk […]

Appraisal of Corporate Governance

Corporate governance in China in recent years has gone over to redeploying different management styles from the West and merges it with the Confucian management principles of the East. This is coupled by the increasing manpower shift to be able to get over with running an organization or a company and be at the edge […]

A critique on the performance appraisal system of the united states department of interior

The United States Department of Interior             The Department of Interior views the performance appraisal system as a vital component of their management style. An agency wide policy for the application and operation of the performance appraisal within the agency was established (, 2007). The appraisal system includes the following: first, the establishment of the […]


EXECUTIVE SUMMARY There are many challenges that conducting performance appraisal to employees, most especially subordinate does not just provide career development for employees but more importantly an aspect where it helps achieve company’s main goal and objectives.  Performance appraisals in general may have three main reasons why it is very important, first, it provides monitoring […]

Memo to Myra Reid

Memo to Myra Reid Dear Mrs. Reid, I was recently asked to forecast certain factors at Blue Inc. This memo will explain you the forecasts and the reasons for my decisions. I’ve used statistical tools and methods to analyze the data, and predict the future sales of Blue Inc. I’ve performed three statistical tests which […]

Selective perception: Undeniably Unavoidable

 A B S T R A C T This study will provide an overview on the phenomena called perception (characteristics, significance, processes involve before a person creates a percept, factors affecting the perception process, etc), and how it applies to everyday life. Perception is a combination of physiological (reception of stimuli through sensory preceptors) and […]

Applying sociological theories internet based assignement

Reality TV has become the penultimate symbol of today’s fast-paced, attention-deficient lifestyle and the values of youth culture. However, it also reveals the hollowness which characterize the lives of so many people, which is evident in how individuals have to look towards the television to gain a sense of significance, to feel some excitement, or […]

Applying Models to Your Specialization

As a counselor, one must be able to sift through all the accompanying background information, social contexts and personal perceptions that a client brings to the therapy session. It is imperative for a good and competent counselor to be able to balance and consider the correct and relevant information and help the client understand which […]

Applying marketing concepts to marketing decisions

The rapid advancement of technology, relations between the 21st century customer and supplier needs to be nurtured because of growing competition and new demands or high customers’ expectations.  Restaurant businesses grow faster than the rate of demand.  A business is building up then suddenly a new comer comes along.  For this reason, it made sense […]

How to Control Air Pollution

How to Control Air Pollution Introduction I am going to organize an event, in the event am going to teach the learners on how to control air pollution. Air pollution can be defined as the emission of a substance in air in a concentration that makes the air harmful or dangerous to breathe to human […]