MAJOR APPROACHES TO CLINICAL PSYCHOLOGY              Often it is said that modern psychology began in the lab of Wilhelm Wundt in 1879. But in a real sense, it is thought to have evolved over the course of the nineteenth century   Even though psychology as a science encompasses a wide variety of areas; clinical psychology covers […]

Approaches for borderline personality disorder

Abstract Borderline Personality Disorder is evident when a person has an unstable behavior, mood, and way of maintaining relationships that can cause emotional distress and interfere with daily social functions.  Psychotherapy is used to deal or treat this kind of personality disorder, and there are a lot of approaches that were formulated to specifically aim […]

Approaches for Beginning SEI

Abstract Structured English Instruction can be defined as “nearly all classroom instruction is in English but with the curriculum and presentation designed for children who are learning the language”. It is an instruction for ELLs (English language learners) that focuses on content and skills rather than the language itself; uses simplified language, visual aids, physical […]

Approaches to the study of psychology

The humanistic and socioculture approaches were developed as a feedback to the limitations of psychodynamic theories. When like Carl Rogers and Abraham Maslow, and later Jean Piaget and Lev Vigotsky found that psychoanalysis cannot be used to explain the phenomena of human behavior and mental development. The evolution of new approaches was related to positive […]

Approach to Organizational design

INTRODUCTION Organizational design is the design and the implementation of the organizations infrastructure or the alteration, change or formulation of anew organizational structure. It includes the roles of the workers, their behavior at work, their skill in different field and the jobs that are needed to contribute to the strategic business and transformational goals. In […]


APPROACH TO AFRICAN SOCIETIES                                                                     Page # 1             The continent of Africa is the second largest continent in the world. It has 11.5 million square miles which more than triple the area of  the United States. The southernmost regions of the African continent consist of the following: Republic of South Africa, Lesotho, Botswana, Namibia, Swaziland, Malawi, Zambia, Zimbabwe, […]

In defense of rap music

In defense of rap music             Rap music has an unfortunate reputation especially among the non-enthusiasts of this brand of music. It is considered as the music of the streets and this reputation carries with it the unappealing connotations of the term “street” like drugs, violence, juvenile delinquency, sex, and all the unwanted and socially […]

The approach of English law towards duty of care

The approach of English law towards duty of care for non-physical damage has been inconsistent, illogical and unfair on the claimant` discuss The perception of duty is sometimes used in a separate and more explicit sense, explicitly that for there to be a duty of care in a particular case the harm in a query […]

Appreciation of Music

            History has already gone a long way, from the Ancient history up to our world today.  Different periods meant different stages and developments in the course of history.  Many changes occurred as time progresses.  Three major eras that existed was the Middle Ages, the Renaissance and the Baroque period.  Major events occurred during these […]

Appreciating Individual Differences

Social learning model of self management:             This is the theory that an individual can develop persuasive parameters of self management in his/her capacity within the workplace and professionalism through the pursuit of interaction with the social structures in the surrounding environment. When and individual interacts with the others and the contemporary structures at the […]