Capricious traffic police Essay

A few yearss ago. while I was returning to Dhaka from Comilla. one of my friends called me in my Mobile and wanted to cognize where I was. Right on that clip I was in Kaanchpur Bridge. I told him that I was in Comilla. The thing is that was non untrue in the sense that it took 4 hours to make Jatrabari. a clip more than plenty to make Dhaka from Comilla. I knew this would go on and the assurance stemmed from the changeless and atrocious national Jatrabari gridlock. Gulistan-Jatrabari 10 kilometer overpass building has non been completed yet which was supposed to stop in December. 2012. This elephantine building narrowed the transition for vehicles. Besides. the traffic constabulary are besides foolhardy in their responsibilities and are wholly neglecting to manage this gridlock. They make it even worse by allowing the vehicles move disorderly.

If it takes 3-4 hours to make Saidabad from Kaanchpur. what the snake pit metropolis are we populating in? Peoples who face this intolerable congestion in 8-9 autopsies have to wait until it is 1 am to make Saidabad. The pick pockets and highjackers do roll right in that clip exposing the riders to vulnerable condemnable onslaught. Furthermore. it is difficult to happen a public conveyance so. How atrocious this scenario is! The trucks with heavy cargos from Chittagong and the coachs from south-eastern territories with riders blend here in this narrow transition. Any beltway route hasn’t been at that place to ease the gridlock which is supposed to be when a overpass like this happens in a metropolis country. The timeline provided by LGRD ministry to hold the overpass finished has exceeded and we keep enduring. How long will it go on?