As technology advances, humans are becoming redundant. Essay

The development of engineering is unstoppable and it shouldn’t be. There are the fans of inventions and people who prefer the traditional manner of every factor of life. But in my sentiment we should retrieve that engineering is made by us. by people and it is created to do our lives easier. but non to do our lives useless. That’s why I do non hold with the thesis that as engineering progresss. worlds are going redundant.

In the film “Walle” there was presented a vision of a coevals so dependent on engineering. that their lives were largely based on feeding. sleeping and procrastinating. Every individual that I asked about this film reacted the same. This vision horrified everyone. I think it had such a immense impact on receiving systems. because it makes us recognize that we don’t want to stop up like this. We don’t truly want to sit and make nil. despite the fact that sometimes this sounds like the best thought in the universe. I like to presume that we all have some end we want to accomplish and our lives are the narrative of how we are acquiring at that place. to the concluding point. So even if the engineering will be better to the point where our every twenty-four hours duties will be taken over. we will still happen something that keeps us busy.

This is how life works. Even. when person is rich plenty to afford everything and don’t demand to make perfectly anything. still he finds some passion or occupation. another end. Although engineering is really helpful. I do believe that it is non wholly inerrable. If the cyberspace would interrupt. the whole universe would halt to work decently. Most of money. paperss. contacts. plans. from Facebook to the Governmental information base. or Bankss histories we have online. Everything would vanish. We can non trust merely on engineering. We have to join forces with it. Use it for aid. but retrieve about that nil is unfailing. There is no manner to go forth engineering all by itself. It was created by worlds. so it have to be lead and operated by worlds.