Argumentative system of communication

            When words or phrases are defined, it is best to consider each of its parts. The words in a phrase were chosen or picked for a reason. They were not randomly generated so as to mean as certain thing. They were chosen because they have significance and they are related to what the phrase is referring to.

            As such, in defining the phrase, “system of communication,” it is best to look at the two main words that compose it. In this way, an understanding of what it really means or refers to can be achieved. At the same time, the characteristics can be determined as well. A system is defined as, “A group of independent but interrelated elements comprising a unified whole.” On the other hand communication refers to, “The activity of conveying information.” When these two definitions are combined, one will see that a system of communication should refer to independent elements that work together to convey information. Basically, the phrase pinpoints the manner by which people or things convey information. Language therefore can be considered as a system of communication.

            Language is a system of communication for it allows people t o pass on information to each other. It is systematic for there are rules that need to be followed. These rules, together with words, must be considered as the elements that comprise the whole system. Communication occurs using these elements for people gain understanding of each others’ thoughts through the words they use.

            The main goal of a system of communication is to set forth a certain flow by which information can be passed on or conveyed. In the same light, a system of communication must be sound and founded or established upon rules and processes. In the case of language, these rules refer to the grammatical elements. No process can be considered a system of communication without these established rules.

            Some may argue that communication can occur without these rules. For instance, gestures convey information but there is no defined structure. When people use gestures, they do not follow rules or processes. Thus, gestures cannot be considered a system of communication. They can only be considered as a part of communication.

            A system of communication is easily identifiable from the meaning of the words in the phrase itself. Language is the best example of a system of communication. It is the human form of conveying information to each other.


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