Argumentative on Illegal Immigration

Argumentative essay on Illegal Immigration

            The issue of illegal immigrants had always raised contention in the American society. Of late, there has been a raging debate as to whether American states should assume the education of children of illegal immigrants as their responsibility. Some people have argued that failing to provide these children will ultimately lead to the creation of an uneducated youth in the American society. In my own opinion however, states should not be required to educate the children of illegal immigrants.

First of all, the education system is a delicate area of service delivery that involves complex policy formulation and financial planning. Most, if not all American states are already struggling to cover funding deficits in the provision of education for the children of legal American citizens. If the states are required to educate the children of illegal immigrants, this deficit will shoot up exponentially. The education of these children already costs American states over 12 billion US dollars every year; and if the consideration that most of these children will have to undergo additional language classes since they are not from English speaking nations, the costs more than double.

Illegal immigrants consciously choose to break the law and enter this nation illegally, even though there are legal procedures that should be followed in attaining citizenship. Even though the conditions where they came from could be insufficiently conducive for them to return to, demanding that American states cover the educational needs of their children is using taxpayers’ money for causes that they are not subject to; and is therefore unethical. It only strains the educational budgets and therefore the quality of education the children of legitimate, tax-paying citizens get.